Oegstgeest de Lange Voort,

One K Chess ;-)) One K (1024 Bytes) Game of chess, those were the days ;-)

Born in summer 1961. And yes if you read it upside down, it still is 1961 ;-) next possibility will be 6009.

1970, nine years of age I build my first small alarm system. With electronic parts. My 'uncle' a user friendly neighbor was a civil navy engineer in electronics, MEOB Netherlands.  He soon discovered my interest in these 'building blocks'. On the kitchen table we build and repaired al kind of electronic devices. Digital calculators and clocks, nixie tubes etc.

End '70 begin '80 the MK14, ZX80/81. Eventually ordered a ZX building-kit for around £79,95. After a few evenings pain staking soldering, testing it did not work the first time. A normal black and white TV was the 'monitor'. But in the Netherlands the TV has more lines of picture information. PAL versus NTSC.  A simple resistor value change did the trick.

For the first time in my life I saw a prompt. A command prompt, an inverted K. and/or  IT hooked me for ever ;-))
My parents went nuts. Night after night, weeks, months ... on an old small school table I programmed programs in machine-code hexadecimal 0~9 A~F, mnemonics. Thousand and thousand lines of code. On a TV it was difficult to see the difference between an 8 and a B. The only way to save was with a cassette tape recorder. Now a days I still use this knowledge to program. It never faded away.


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